How we got here.


Eighteen months ago my wife and I purchased a derelict cottage in rural Scotland. Having never had a home of our own, we were longing to take on our own project and build a house for our family.

Fast-forward to now and we have been in our new home for almost a year. There is still some finishing off to do but we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Building our own home was great. There were up days and down days but we would do it all again! There were plenty of frustrations along the way. Things like dealing with planning, building warrant approval, service connections and engineering design were all time consuming burdens.

However the one thing that I found thoroughly frustrating was sourcing and shopping for building materials. I was spending my own savings so I wanted to ensure that I used the most cost effective products and got the best prices for them. I spent hours trawling the internet but found it very hard to find clear pricing. I opened multiple trade accounts but found that didn’t necessarily lead to competitive prices. I regularly found that I would waste precious time on the phone chasing quotes when I could be working on the build.

As a result of this I thought there must be an easier way. So I started to help you find the best suppliers for your building materials.

In August 2017 I approached Elevator, a start-up business accelerator in North East Scotland with my idea. They liked what they heard and gave me a place on the first Dundee based program. Now we are taking our first enquiries, responding to our clients’ needs and removing the hassle from buying building materials.

Whether you are building your own house, doing an extension or taking on a renovation, I hope that through bucos we can make your build easier.


Thanks for reading.


Founder and CEO of Bucos